Vintage kukhri from India

28 de February de 2013

Sell/Trade: Offers accepted

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Vintage Souvenir kukhri

Blade: Spring Steel
Handle: Wood
Seath: Leather
Origin: India

Learn how to get one of these for yourself


  1. Jeniffer Martin says:

    Salute to the Gurkha Soldier which have scarified their lives for freedom. I recently liked the Gurkha kukri which is used by the Gurkha Regimental army as their official weapon.

  2. Jams Martin says:

    I have a knife like that, I inherited when my dad died. The difference is the handle is metal. I’d like to know if it is merely a knockoff or if it has any value. I’m not looking to sell it, I’m just curious. If anyone can provide any information, they can send an email with the subject “knife” to

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