Scorpion Knives Tanto

2 de October de 2015

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Brand: Scorpion Knives
Model: Tanto
Blade length: 8cm (3″)
Blade thickness: 5mm (3⁄16″)
Blade material: D2 Steel
Blade hardness: HRC 58
Blade finish: Black DuPont Teflon
Grip: ERGO Coyote Brown, w/ Lanyard hole and Lanyard.
Overall length: 19cm (71⁄2″)
Weight: 220g (73⁄4 ounces)
Sheath: Cordura
Origin: Sheffield, England, UK


Description: The Scorpion Knives Tanto has a hollow ground blade with a thick spine that tapers down to a razor thin cutting edge.

The blade is high-carbon, high-chromium D2 steel giving exceptional longevity and good edge retention in the most arduous of conditions. It is finished in black DuPont Teflon for ease of maintenance.

The standard grip of this knife is the same as that used on probably the most popular hand gun in the world – the 1911 Browning pistol. Manufactured by ERGO of the USA.

Bio: Scorpion Knives are manufactured by Samuel Staniforth, a company founded in 1864 in Sheffield, England and steeped in the tradition of producing the highest quality knives for professional users. Scorpion Knives are used in the deserts, jungles and urban environments of the world by both military, tactical forces and survivalists, as well as being highly sought after by knife enthusiasts and serious collectors.

Scorpion knives tanto review and first impressions

There were some details in this knife that disappointed me. The immediate impression (as you can see in the video bellow) was a bad grip shape, with a very sharp corner that hurt the holder’s hand in a such a manner that would make the knife unusable.
I’ve milled that corner and the scales to a round and comfortable shape, wich now fits and feels right in the hand.

Then there are grinding issues. Its just done bad. its poorly executed job, the grinding is different on both sides, there is an indentation in the Ricasso, probably caused by an accidental touch on the grinding wheel… The handle scales are not symmetrical, and have mysterious grooves, that if not accidents, should serve a purpose that the blade design didn’t follow.

The provided cordura sheath, is not intended for this knife. Eventually would be for the larger version of this tanto, since is ridiculously bigger then the blade, (about 100% bigger then necessary), and it has a dog retention system to say the least. Its not the same that I’ve seen with this knife in other reputed websites.

This knife was bought directly from the scorpion knives website, so no doubt about the authenticity. In my opinion this is a factory second being sold as a prime product. I’ve contacted them a few times by email, but still had no answer.

Modifications: Milled handle corner, kydex sheath with a ka-bar belt clip

The new seath: Kydex

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