Omer Spearpoint Titanium knife

16 de March de 2013

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omer-titanium-spearpoint_02omer-titanium-spearpoint_01Titanium spearfishing / diving knife

Omersub, model Spearpoint knife
Blade: Titanium
Sheath Plastic
Origin: Italy (?)
Bio: This is one of a set of two, pre-production knifes (beta products) that Omer pre-released back in 2002/3 to some spear-fisherman so these could be tested.
The knife is superb, but this model, if it was ever massively released, must have been for a very short period, since they are not common, and information about them is scarce.
My colleague lost his while spearfishing, and soon afterwords I stopped using mine since I realized these were not easily replaceable… However before this happened this knife was intensely used for a couple of years, and yes, it took away the pain of many fish… 🙂

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