Motosuke Nagao Higonokami

Motosuke Nagao Higonokami MN-20

3 de April de 2013

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Motosuke Nagao Higonokami
Motosuke Nagao Higonokami traditional Japaneseknife MN-20
Traditional Japanese Higonokami knife

Motosuke Nagao, MN-20
Blade: Aogami (Hitachi Blue carbon steel) core edge forge layered Damascus steel. 80mm (3-1/8″) 4.5mm thick
Handle: 3-3/4″ Brass handle engraved with the master forger’s signature and trade mark and his famous Tiger/Bamboo design.
Folder: 180mm overall in open, Weight 70g
Included a wooden Kiri box with Sensei Motosuke’s signature in caligraph and red Rakuin.
Origin: Miki, Japan

Bio: Hand-forged by Traditional Blacksmith, Motosuke Nagao. This is an original Higonokami, still made in same old traditional way as 100 years ago. Miki’s 78 years old Blacksmith, Mr. Motosuke Nagao is the 4th generation, and the only one existing maker of this original Higonokami now.

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  1. How do i get one Motosuke Nagao Higonokami MN-20 to Switzerland?

    Sincerely Dani

  2. Kevin says:

    The link to Japanese Knife Direct does not sell the Motosuke Nagao Higonokami pocket knives. At this time anyway, they give them as a gift for a purchase of another knife.

    Can you let me know where i might be able to purchase one? Thank you.

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